Department of Bioorganic Chemistry (emeritus group)

In the department of Bioorganic Chemistry we study defense mechanisms of plants and insects and their interaction on various levels. Modern analytical and molecular methods are employed to identify signals from herbivores and microorganisms and initiated events related to stress recognition by the plant e.g interactions in the network of phytohormones. Novel methods of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry are used to study the induction of pathways during infection and herbivore damage. The studies are supported by synthetic approaches towards signaling compounds and their analogs. The production of defensive secretions of leaf beetles is studied to gain information on the biosynthesis, regulation and evolution of these defensive strategies. We focus on the analysis of the molecular basis of the uptake of plant-derived precursors and their transformation into compounds for the insects communication and defense. The biosynthetic potential of insects is probably strongly enhanced by their commensal gut bacteria or by endosymbionts. A new research focus addresses insect-typical biosynthesis of plant-defense elicitors or the detoxification of plant toxins with special emphasis on the participation of gut bacteria.

Prof. Wilhelm Boland

Director (emeritus): Prof. Wilhelm Boland

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