Scientists explain! Spring 2021

Our MPI-CE Online Seminar Series "Scientists explain!" will continue on Thursday, March 18, 2021, at 11:30 am. In this series, we present entertaining and introductory talks about important current research topics.

All talks will be presented live on our YouTube channel and will be available as videos to watch afterwards.

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Seminar dates, titles and speakers:

18.03.2021How do plants kill insects without poisoning themselves?Jiancai Li
25.03.2021"Where have all the insects gone? When will they ever understand?"Wilhelm Boland
01.04.2021Making room for microbes: the origins of symbiotic organs in a beetle larvaOlivia Tidswell
08.04.2021I eat, therefore I secrete? Meet the large milkweed bug!Paola Rubiano
22.04.2021Hefen sind die besseren Pflanzen – Wertvolle Stoffe aus kleinen HelfernLinus Naumann
29.04.2021Let's CRISPR! An introduction to the gene editing methodologyMaricel Santoro
06.05.2021Resurrecting the past – What ancient proteins can teach us about evolutionMattew DeMars
13.05.2021Total im Stress: Wie Pflanzen auf Fraßfeinde und andere Quälgeister reagierenMaite Colinas
20.05.2021 Thriving microscopic life in oceans: they communicate too!Marine Vallet