First steps to prepare your stay

All dates and information associated with your stay should be coordinated with the department assistant:


Department of Molecular Ecology
Evelyn Claussen
Phone: +49 3641 571101
Email: claussen [at]


Department of Bioorganic Chemistry
Grit Winnefeld
Phone: +49 3641 571201
Email: winnefeld [at]

Department of Biochemistry
Angela Schneider
Phone: +49 3641 571301
Email: aschneider[at]

Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology
Swetlana Laubrich
Phone: +49 3641 571401
Email: slaubrich [at]

Department of Entomology
Katrin Salzmann‐Böhmer
Phone: +49 3641 571501
Email: ksalzmann [at]
International Max Planck Research School
Dr. Claudia Voelckel

Phone: +49 3641 571001
Email: imprs [at]


First steps before your stay:


You can get help with the arrangement of your arrival as well as finding accommodation. Our institute offers the following options for temporary housing depending on availability:

‐ guest rooms in the Max Planck Guest House next to the institute (max. 4 months)
‐ small apartments (1 room) in a University Guest House nearby (max. 2 years)
‐ apartments of various sizes in another guest house (between 4‐12 months)


In Germany, insurance isn't just a good thing to have – health insurance for you and accompanying family members is mandatory. We strongly advise you to get travel insurance for the temporary time of arrival and settling in. Please get your own coverage immediately after arriving in Germany. You can choose between private and statutory health insurances. You have to pay the premium by yourself. Furthermore, we would like to strictly encourage you to get a Third‐party Private Liability Insurance once you are in Germany.

Document checklist

We have compiled a list of documents/things we recommend to bring along:

‐ a valid passport
‐ a visa for you and your accompanying family members (if necessary)
‐ certificate of award (scholarship / grant)
‐ certified copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate
‐ certified copies of your transcripts, degrees or other academic qualification
‐ international drivers license
‐ proof of health insurance / travel insurance
‐ biometric passport photos.

In addition we would recommend having sufficient amounts of Euros available to pay for visa and other administrative fees (e.g. deposits for keys/chips).

Family matter

In Jena every child of seven months or older has the legal right to a place in day care if both parents have a job, are students or in vocational training. Otherwise they can attend a kindergarten at the age of 1. You should inquire early about the day-care facilities.

For all children living in Germany it is compulsory to attend school from the age of 6 to 15. For more information please contact School Administration Jena.


 Jena is Thuringia 's largest research and industrial site. The Friedrich Schiller University (founded in 1558) and the Ernst Abbe Hochschule, with around 24,000 students, and numerous research institutions, including three Max Planck Institutes, dominate the skyline. World-renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss GmbH and Schott AG are based in Jena. The environment of Jena is – thanks to its picturesque forests, the river Saale and limestone walls - perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, biking, boat trips.

Detailed information about the city and its cultural events at


The institute does not take legal responsibility for any recommendations.