February 26, 2015
Success at "Jugend forscht" competition
Theresa Krüger, Nadja Eberl and Carla Gorse, three senior class students at the Angergymnasium Jena, were successful in the regional "Jugend forscht" competition. Their project on the bacterial symbionts of Oryzaephilus surinamensis, a corn pest, co-supervised by Martin Kaltenpoth and his colleagues from the Max Planck Research Group Insect Symbiosis, won the 1st prize in biology as well as a special price awarded by the Rotary Club Jena Ernst Abbe. Congratulations!!!



February 16, 2015
Daimler and Benz Foundation supports Franziska Beran’s research project
Franziska Beran, head of the Research Group Sequestration and Detoxification in Insects, received a two-year postdoctoral scholarship from the Daimler and Benz Foundation  starting February 1, 2015. The foundation supports the research project on the “Evolution and host-plant associations of Psylliodes flea beetles” by providing a financial support of 40.000 Euro in total.