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Molecularbiological analysis of the defense system in leaf beetle larvae

Leaf beetle larvae defend themselves with exudate against microbes and predators, which they produce in nine pairs of accessory dorsal glands. By chemical analysis we know, that some species produce the acting reagents by reinforce own metabolic sources, others are able to sequester plant-derived compounds for that matter.

Only a few proteins, which are responsible for the conversions and the maintain of the secretion inside the cuticular reservoir are known and almost nothing is known about the transport mechanisms of the chemical precursors inside of the larva.

To widen the knowledge in this field, I established RNAi for use in larvae of Phaedon cochleariae and Chrysomela populi. After successful applications on secretion-proteins, we tried also targets from the fat body and transmembrane transporters. The tragets derived from either a database with sequenced transcripts or from LC-MS/MS analysis, envoking the transcript-DB.

The last year of my thesis I will use to identify the responsible glucose-transporter for the precursor-transport, investigating a superoxide-dismutase in the secretions, and taking part in some cooperation's dealing with leaf beetle topics.
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