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Current Research (Postdoctoral project):

Jasmonate (JAs) mediated signaling cascades belong to the main regulatory pathways by which plants coordinate and control a wide range of essential aspects of their life cycle. Amongst these processes are inducible plant defenses against herbivores which belong to the best investigated JAs dependent process in plants. Similarly, the floral developmental and its dependency of JAs signaling have been the focus of a broad body of research. Both of them have been thoroughly investigated especially in the model plant Arabidopsis and the F-Box protein CORONATINE INSESNITIVE1 (COI1) has been demonstrated to be a functional JAs receptor. However, as different plant species expose dissimilar morphological features (e.g. polypetalous Arabidopsis flowers vs. sympetalous Nicotiana attenuata flowers), also their hormonal signaling networks potentially might have diverged on a multitude of levels.
The results of my thesis on the role of JAs signaling in regulating floral development and primary metabolism in N.attenuata left open one essential question: in which way do plants silenced for the expression of COI1 still succeed in producing fully open flowers? The work of my Postdoc project is focused on the Jasmonate dependent mechanism behind the opening of these flowers with severely reduced JAs perception.
last updated on 2014-10-08