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Current Research
The goal of my PhD project is the analysis of a newly discovered signaling cascade for the beneficial interaction between root-colonizing endophytes and plants. For this, a well-established model system Piriformospora indica/Arabdiopsis thaliana is used. The endophyte colonizes the roots of many plant species, promotes their growth and increases seed production. P. indica also confers resistance against abiotic and biotic stress. For establishing the interaction, the second messanger phosphatidic acid, phospholipases, the protein kinase PDK1 and the AGC kinases OXI1 and AGC2-2 are nesessary. During P. indica recognition, a basal defence response, via the of pathogen/microbe associated molecular patherns (PAMP/MAMP) is activated. This responce is mediated by plant receptores, which recognize specific microbe effectors, for example Bak1/Serk3.
Recently, a Chitin binding LysM receptor like Kinase Cerk1 was discovered, which is responsible for innate immune response in the pathogenic fungus attack. The other aim of this project is to study the role of Cerk1 in the P.indica/A. thaliana interaction.
last updated on 2012-12-21