June 12, 2017

Amorphophallus titanum

Our Amophophallus titanum plant was flowering.  A webcam was installed to to take live photos every minute. On a time lapse video you can see the flower open  more »

May 19, 2017

Joint forces on carcasses

Cooperation of burying beetles and their microbiota (Nature Communications, May 2017) more »

April 28, 2017

Symbiotic bacteria: from hitchhiker to beetle bodyguard

Bacterial symbionts transition between plant pathogenicity and insect defensive mutualism (Nature Communications, April 2017) more »

April 20, 2017

Bergamotene   ̶   alluring and lethal for Manduca sexta

The volatile compound bergamotene increases the moths’ pollination success and protects tobacco leaves against their voracious offspring (Current Biology, April 2017) more »