Full-time cell culture scientist

Position Summary

We are seeking a dedicated and talented full-time cell culture scientist to join the Predators and Toxic Prey Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena. The successful candidate should have a strong background in molecular and cell biology techniques including production of recombinant plasmids/bacmids, large construct (P1, BACs, PACs) plasmid purification, culture of cell lines, cell transfection, and recombinant protein expression. They will play an important role within the research group by investigating the evolution of target site insensitivity. They will be expected to participate in experimental design, conduct experiments, and to maintain detailed records. The position is available until 31.12.2022 and may be extended depending upon funding. The position is available immediately.

The remuneration is paid according to the collective agreement of the public service TVöD according to the qualification and the activity to be transferred. We particularly welcome applications from women and under-represented minority candidates. The Max-Planck Society is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourages applications from such qualified individuals. The working language of the group is English.


  • Prepare reagents, buffers, and growth media
  • Aseptic maintenance of cell culture - thawing, passaging, and cryopreservation of cells
  • Production of recombinant bacmids
  • Plasmid purification
  • Transfection of cells, and recombinant expression of proteins via baculovirus
  • Extraction of plasma membrane proteins
  • Functional assay of proteins
  • Maintains the lab in good working order, which includes operation and maintenance of equipment (centrifuges, microscopes and incubators).
  • General laboratory cleaning and maintaining of logs
  • Work according to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and regulatory guidance
  • Troubleshoot, and keep detailed records in a laboratory notebook
  • Conduct experiments independently
  • Communicate results and observations to colleagues in one-to-one and team meetings

Qualifications and experience:

  • A Masters or PhD degree in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or other related subject with 1-2 years of experience
  • Cell and molecular biology techniques including working under aseptic technique, sf9 cell culture, producing recombinant baculovirus, working with DH10Bac competent cells, ELISA
  • Technical proficiency in operation of standard cell biology laboratory equipment including microscopes, laminar flow biological safety cabinet, plate readers, liquid handlers, centrifuges and pipettes
  • Excellent attention to detail, strong documentation skills, and ability to communicate effectively (both written and verbal)
  • Excellent organizational, technical, and trouble-shooting skills with attention to detail
  • Ability to learn new techniques, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and keep accurate records, follow instructions
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, self-motivation, adaptability, and a positive attitude

How to apply:

Candidates should send a CV and cover letter to predatorsandpreympg@gmail.com indicating their interest in the position and their background in cell and molecular biology techniques. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application deadline is 4th December 2020.