Analytical Chemistry Technician

The Department of Molecular Ecology at the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany is looking for an Analytical Chemistry Technician.

Our research and analytical facility

The overarching research objective in the Department of Molecular Ecology is to identify traits that are important for the Darwinian fitness of an organism in its complex natural environment. To demonstrate the function of these traits we manipulate the organisms’ interactions in nature and characterize the ecological consequences using a broad set of chemical, molecular and ecological experimental tools. Our team of scientists focuses on plant-mediated interactions and we have developed a suite of molecular and chemical tools in a native plant that has a rich web of ecological interactions: the wild tobacco plant Nicotiana attenuata. The department is well equipped with modern genetic and molecular, as well as analytical, methods and runs a field station in Utah (USA).

The analytical platform of the department is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation designed to conduct both targeted quantification and unbiased profiling of the metabolomes of N. attenuata and associated organisms. The extensive chemical characterization builds the foundation for research projects addressing functions of the plant’s prodigious metabolic abilities. The department operates numerous HPLCs and UPLCs coupled to triple-quadrupole (Bruker EvoQ-Elite and Varian 1200 LC-QQQ) and high-resolution Time of Flight (Bruker microTOF, micrOTOF-QII, and impact II UHR-QqTOF) mass spectrometers, as well as diode array and evaporative light scattering detectors. The lab is also equipped with gas chromatographs coupled to ion trap (Varian 4000), single-quadrupole (Shimadzu TDU-GC-MS), and triple-quadrupole MS (Bruker Scion GC-TQ), as well as flame ionization detectors.

Your tasks
The candidate will work in close collaboration with the head of the analytical platform and our international team of researchers. The main tasks will be the maintenance and operation of analytical instruments, organization of instrument schedules (including basic QC procedures), and minor instrument repairs. The candidate is also expected to assist researchers with sample preparation and initial data analysis processes (i.e. peak integration) as well as support of multivariate data analysis.

Your profile
We are looking for a highly organized, communicative individual who enjoys problem solving, keeping records, and interacting with an international team of highly motivated scientists. With a strong background in analytical chemistry (chromatography and mass spectrometry) you would be interested in applying your expertise in a state-of-the-art research facility. Excellent English language skills (written and oral) are required for the position.

Our offer
We are looking for a Technician (f/m; BTA /CTA or equivalent qualification) to join our group at half to full-time employment with a fixed-term contract of two years. We are looking to fill the position by December 2016 but it will remain open until filled. Payment follows the German collective wage agreement for government service workers (TVöD-Bund) and depends on qualifications and professional experience. Various fringe benefits in accordance with public service positions are included. The position will offer ample opportunities for developing personal skills and independence.

Your application
The Max-Planck Society is an equal opportunity employer and strives to employ more individuals with disabilities. We therefore encourage applicants with disabilities. Please send your application (electronically as a single pdf file), including a letter of motivation explaining how your qualifications and experience make you a good candidate for this job, as well as two letters of recommendation together with your full CV to: