Dr. Christian Kost

   Department of Bioorganic Chemistry
   Experimental Ecology and Evolution
 Phone:+49 (0)3641 57 1212Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
 Fax:+49 (0)3641 57 1202Hans-Knöll-Straße 8
  emailD-07745 Jena

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2011Faculty member of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) in Jena
2009Associate faculty member of the Faculty of 1.000
2009Faculty member of the Jena School of Microbial Communication
2007Travel award, University of Auckland
2006Merian award, Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö)
2006Travel award ‘Summer Institute of Statistical Genetics’, Seattle, USA
2005Best poster award ‘International Max Planck Research School’ (IMPRS)
2005IMPRS travel award for the best poster, 3rd IMPRS Symposium
2005Student Travel Award, ISCE Meeting 2005, Washington D.C., USA
2005Travel award, International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE)
2001Merian award, Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö)