February 4, 2016

The odor of stones

Unicellular microalgae smell dissolved minerals in the water (Nature Communications, February 2016) more »



January 29, 2016

Bacteria need partners

Bacteria are organisms that often can't help but cooperate (MaxPlanckForschung, 4/2015, German only) more »


January 5, 2016

The dandelion uses latex to protect its roots against insect feeding

A single chemical compound in the latex sap of the plant deters cockchafer larvae (PLOS Biology, January 2016) more »

December 17, 2015

Their enemy’s sex pheromone helps flies protect their offspring

Female Drosophila flies avoid oviposition sites that smell of parasitic wasps. This increases the survival rate of their larvae (PLOS Biology, December 2015) more »